Bank Refuses to Accept Bank Check as Settlement in Foreclosure Process

Just when you thought you had heard every crazy tale about the Florida foreclosure process and the process elsewhere around the nation, we bring you this Kafkaesque tale from Conway, New Hampshire.  Apparently, a homeowner attempted to reinstate his loan by paying with a bank check.  Only in these times would a bank check not be good enough for…a bank.  Amazingly, the bank sent the homeowner on a crazy set of runaround tasks that eventually resulted in the sale of his property.

Many homeowners can relate to the winding spiral of bank doubletalk during the foreclosure process in Florida.  I routinely have to submit the same documentation to banks over and over and over.  I have been told to my face by attorneys that certain offers have been passed along to banks, only to learn that months later, no such offer had been given.  This news account only puts into print what many familiar with the Florida foreclosure process have known for some time: without representation, one can simply not trust a foreclosing bank, or their attorneys.

So we encourage you, before you attempt to settle a foreclosure matter with a bank, to consult with competent legal counsel.  Failure to do so makes the risk of a bank taking advantage of you all too possible.  You should also consult our page on what to look for when hiring attorneys – too many foreclosure defense attorneys have had bar complaints filed against them, have been sanctioned by courts for malfeasance, or have had clients complain about their lack of personal attention.