Florida Foreclosure Defense – Get Representation ASAP

One of the keys to the Florida foreclosure process is to seek representation as early as possible.  Actively asserting your rights during the foreclosure process in Florida is paramount to protecting yourself against any risks you may not know about.

Case in point: this poor Orange County family saw their property sold at auction, even though his modification was completed before the sale of his property was scheduled.  This is not an isolated incident.  Routinely banks and homeowners’ attorneys will appeal to a court for a continuance of trial or for a postponement of an auction.  Unfortunately, rather than assist attorneys in the Florida foreclosure process try to reach amicable settlements, many jurisdictions are resorting to an all-out attempt to rush cases to trial or auction so properties can be sold.

As we have stated many times, this is a foolhardy exercise that results in more negative externalities than assisting parties trying to settle.  Keeping families in properties protects against the spillover effects of foreclosure, including price depressions and increased crime and blight.  It is vacancy, not foreclosure itself, that causes these effects. Thus, rushing cases to trial when they have a chance to settle hurts families – both those in foreclosure, and their neighborhoods.  Don’t get caught up in this rush – seek legal counsel immediately.