Zacks’ Article Featured on Influential Credit Slips Blog

KNZ is pleased to announce that Florida foreclosure attorney Dustin Zacks’ recent article on law firms that represent banks and servicers, “Robo-Litigation,” has been featured on the Credit Slips Blog, maintained by bankruptcy, consumer law, and finance law professors at schools around the country.

Professor Katie Porter, who gained notoriety for her exposé on bank and servicer irregularities in the bankruptcy context, highlighted Zacks’ research for directing needed attention towards

“…the role of the FHFA and Fannie/Freddie in having fostered/enabled/encouraged some of the unsavory practices in mortgage servicing through their servicing guidelines.”

We are glad that KNZ has been on the cutting edge of directing nationally renowned commentators to ask valuable questions that could help homeowners avoid the consequences of bank malfeasance.  Professor Porter’s questions are the kinds of issues we have repeatedly stressed that should be asked by legislators and court administrators.  Unfortunately, even in the face of bank and servicer malfeasance, court administrators and legislators have blindly attempted to accelerate foreclosure cases, even in the face of empirical evidence that keeping homeowners in their homes prevents many of the spillover effects of foreclosure like crime and blight.